It’s been too long since another French car to join my collection and this is the best one yet. A few people are detailing the sweet new Renault R.S.01 (Wanclick and a few others) and I didn’t get to join! Not anymore!

I Sharpie the “mask” of the car including the lights, the L shaped reflector below them, the Renault emblem, and the red striping that run across the middle of the car’s face.


The spoiler looked boring being yellow and without the “Renault” lettering being detailed. So I colored the spoiler black and then go over the lettering with silver Sharpie, both the spoiler and the front details get a dab of clear coat to lock the Sharpie in place and prevent them from getting smeared or rubbed off when handled. I had fun detailing this cast and HW did a an excellent job with it, the proportion is good and the craziness from the 1:1 is present but not overboard.