Seeing that people seemed to enjoy the little Peugeot with the trailer last week, I decided to pull another combo from the archives. This time we have a Matchbox Renault 5 with a Caravan. Neither Matchbox nor the little Renault need any introduction, I suppose.

The Renault 5 was of course sold in the US as the “Le Car”, and Matchbox followed suit with their own Americanized version.

As you can see, it matched the real thing pretty well!


The Renault 5 has been well covered in small scale, but there were so many different variations of this car that are still waiting on someone to model them.

Here’s two of my favourites that I would love to see being made.

The “Le Car Van” by Heuliez:


and the Spanish built Renault Siete (7) - a stretched, four door sedan version of the 5:


They probably exist in 1/43 - which would just make me more envious of collectors of that scale!