Well, this model was supposed to be my next Teutonic Tuesday post - an Audi Quattro. Except the ebay seller made a mistake and sent me a Citroen ZX Volcane instead. Perfect for this Bastille Day French Friday!

So - what exactly is a Citroen ZX Volcane? To be honest, I wasn’t terribly familiar with this car. The ZX for me was always one of the boring Citroens. Not enough quirkiness to make it interesting. It was based on the Peugeot 306 chassis, and did not have any of the typical Citroen quirks. No hydro-pneumatic suspension, a relatively sane interior, and run of the mill 4 banger engines. Not even a weird steering wheel. What gives?

At least the “Volcane” edition had a bit going for it. It was one of Europe’s first “hot Diesel” hatches. The 1.9l Turbo-Diesel produced 132bhp - useful, rather than amazing. The Volcane also featured either all red or all white “”GTi” style paint jobs and a hardened, lowered suspension. Strangely, none of that was available with a petrol engine. So at least there’s a bit of weirdness there.


The car was produced from 1991 to 1997 and a derivative of it still is being produced in China, though with updated design.


By all accounts, it proved to be a lot more reliable than previous Citroens, though it still suffered from the usual electrical issues associated with French cars.

The model you see here is a 1/43 by Solido - and it’s pretty nice overall. The front wheels do look a little lost in the wheel wells, but it captures the essence of the car well. Only the doors open - but they do so with a satisfying snap - and then the door trims fall off. It is French after all...


So what is happening with the Audi Quattro? The seller will send it out - and they told me to keep this one too to make up for their mistake. And that is very kind of them. Either way - have a great Bastille Day, just go easy on the Pernod.