Today we’re looking at the pretty Chappe et Gessalin (CG) 1300, often referenced as a Simca as its engine and chassis were derived from those in the Simca 1000. You’ll notice a resemblance to the Alpine A108 & 110 in the nose, and this is no coincidence as CG built bodies for Alpine. The rear, to me, has a bit of Ferrari Dino to it with the tapered flying buttresses and concave tail panel. It’s a really well judged design, I think, especially considering how small the 1:1 is.

This lovely model has been featured before here by Jobjoris, it’s one I remembered and put on my want list. It’s a really well proportioned little thing, and I imagine it would be a riot to drive.

His feature has all the information I was going to provide, and in fact was on page 2 of my Google search for these cars. While I hate to piggyback on another’s work, his piece is about the most comprehensive information available on them in English (no kidding!), so I encourage you to read it here: Jobjoris CG1300.

Without further ado, here she is:


Aarrgghh it didn’t look blurry when I took it!


And cozying up to next week’s French Friday...