As promised yesterday, here’s the second model from the “Lupin the Third” set - the Citroen 2CV. This one is perhaps the best reason to get this set. Not only is it really cute, it is also one of the very few small scale models of an early 2CV.

These early 2CVs had the corrugated iron style front hood, they lacked the window in the C-Pillar, and the trunk was still covered by canvas, rather than the later tin lid.

Of course, the model has some cartoonish elements - it is coming from an Anime after all - but it doesn’t do too bad an impression of the real thing at all.


The pink color might not be to everyone’s taste, but then again they were bound by the movie obviously, and it all adds to the fun.

With this lot, I had a hard time deciding whether to crack them open or not. Normally, I open everything. But with the Charawheels, the card is such an important part of the overall impression that I just couldn’t rip it open and throw it away. So, with a fine knife and a lot of patience, I found a way to open them and keep the card, and even put it all back together again afterwards.


But I just needed to get my hands on the cars after all, I just can’t enjoy models in their blisters much. It’s that tactile thing again.


The third and final model from this set will follow tomorrow, and I’m sure most of you would have worked out by now which car that will be...