Once again for my second round of French Friday we showcase another car from the Group B era, the Citroen BX 4TC.

Roughly based on the funky looking Citroen BX sedan, it was Citroen’s entry to the most insane rally of all. The 4TC was powered by 2.1 liter turbocharged inline 4 producing 380hp in its maximum setup. The car not only has all wheel drive but also got hydropneumatic suspension which Citroen was known for.

Sadly the BX 4TC didn’t return good results for Citroen, with the car only raced in 15 rally events and got retired 13 out of those 15 races due to mechanical issues. In those 15 events, only 3 events were actual WRC events since Citroen came into the Group B game quite late before the FIA cancelled the category after several fatal accidents involving both drivers and spectators.


This BX 4TC represented by Majorette looks just as dramatic as the actual rally car. It’s got springy suspension and pretty detailed interior like racing seats in the front and the rear seats had been replaced with a spare tire. This was an oddball I just got to have when I saw this as part of Fintail’s sale. I’m already lacking on French cars and this is great addition.


That concludes my French Friday and I’ll see you again on Sunday. Cheers.