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French Friday: Citroën DS3 WRC

So finally I got my hands on the Citroën DS3! This Abu Dhabi themed WRC car (along with it’s Red Bull liveried cousin) has been in my sights for quite sometime, but $10 seemed to be way too high for a 1/64 car.


Finally last month, I found another dealer. And this guy had a bunch of other cars (Norevs and Majorettes) that I just had to have. I got the first batch today and I have to order the next bath next week to get past monthly budget red flags! ;)

Having gotten my hands on a few Majorette models recently, I realize that Norev beats Majorette in certain aspects and is upstaged in others. For e.g., this Norev Citroen DS3 WRC has much better interior details - it has tinted glass with a roll cage and white wheels that look close to real compared to darkened windows and metal wheels on the Majorettes. The Norev seems more solid and heavier too.


But where Majorette scores is livery. The DS3 lacks details such as the rally number tampos on the doors, which the Majorettes usually rock. So may be, going forward, after the Citroen DS3 with the Red Bull color scheme shows up, I will rethink if this Norev is a one-off issue and decide if I have to stick to Majorettes for my WRC fix

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