Last week, in my Clio V6 Phase I post, I promised to do a Phase II this week. So here it is.

Most of the Phase I's I've seen were silver, most Phase II's were Iliad Blue so my Clio V6 diecasts are pretty accurate anyway.


Not did the Phase II only get the facelifted looks, it was technically improved as well. It gained some wheight in the process but also got more power so it was slightly faster. Build quality finally got the way Renault wanted it. Same goes for this model: Last week's Clio V6 was from universal hobbies, this one is as well. And the Phase II is way better, feels far more solid.

It's a 1/43 you could buy at your local Renault dealer. I got this one from a Belgian Renault dealer that went into default and dumped his supplies of front-desk accessories on ebay. It comes in a nice box:


No owner edition but when you compare the details with last week's it looks way better. Just check that antenna.

Man, do I love those V6s. And I must say: This UH Phase II is awesome.


Still looking for a Sport Spider when it comes to Renault. Most of the diecasts I've seen this far came as the none-windshield ones, but I want one with a windshield.

That's it for this week, I suppose some Peugeots 407 will follow soon this French Friday!