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French Friday: J'aime Cactus!

Pardon my French. Not sure if I have used the correct term to declare my love for this quirky yet adorable little Citroen C4 Cactus. A little high riding hatchback; a faux off-roader, if you like. And those Airbumps® help you minimise repair costs should you accidentally open your door and hit the car or object beside. Very unique stuff. It’s like nothing you have seen on the road!

This is a much anticipated model of mine. Ever since I saw the leaked photos of this Citroen in majorette’s 2016 lineup I immediately knew I had to add it to my “quirky car garage”.

The casting is not too bad I suppose. Usual majorette tricks: suspension and opening part (this one has an opening hatch). Not too fond of the blacked out wheels, but it’ll have to do. i like it despite those wheels. My only negative point about this casting. Detailing is superb once again; painted taillights, plastic headlights that form the windows, and the full gamut of logos and badges tampos adorn the car.


This Citroen replica falls under the majorette ‘Premium Line’ series, so here in Singapore we pay $6.90 for the premium ones (fancier packaging and comes with a little catalogue booklet/poster). A bit steep, but if you really want it you’ll pay for it.

I think maybe I’ve gone on too long! Enjoy the pictures, and have yourselves a beautiful day!

Cactus and cactus.
Citroen C4 Cactus with little catalogue booklet...

Vive la France!🇫🇷

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