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French Friday meets Bread Box Week: une Berline avec une Rhombe

Today’s French Friday meets Bread Box Week brings a very common car from the 90s, the Renault Mégane I 2.0 RXE Hatchback. These cars used to be everywhere during the late 90s and 00s, most of them in basic trims like the RN or RT, and with a smaller engine.

The Mégane II CC keeps its father company.

Like the Mégane II CC, this car also has a story behind it. My dad had the sedan version of the Mégane I, a 1998 Mégane I Classic 1.6 to be precise, and little me wanted a model of that car very badly. However, upon going to the parts department of the local Renault-dealer, and perusing their vast catalogue of model cars, we found out that the Classic was only available in a boring grey, and I wanted the blue green-ish colour the Classic of my dad was, so I opted for the Hatchback in said colour.

My dad’s car was exactly like this, plus original hub cabs and minus the stickers, and tinted windows.

This model does not state a manufacturer on it, but from some googling I think it is made by Vitesse. It’s quite a solid model, but giving this car to a child of 3 or 4(I’m not sure if I got it in 1998 or 1999) as a toy wasn’t such a solid plan. While the car as a whole and the paint held up pretty well, apart from some minor paint chips, the smaller plastic trim pieces and seats are all somewhat broken, sorry for that.

Is that a ghost?

That was it for now, I’ll try to stay more active on here, however university is requesting quite a lot of time, especially since I recently started my masters.


Ps. 1:52-ish USB-Nova came to meet the Mégane, though I’m not sure if this voiture électrique liked the old Mégane.


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