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French Friday: New Dimension

Throughout history, the French is really good at teasing us with concepts that never came to fruition like the LMP1 based Onyx, crazy mid-engined super sedan 908 RC, and my personal favorite the classy 907 RC gran tourer.


And now we have another one. Although this one is somewhat easier to live with since they never made a full size working version to twist our hearts.

The car boasts a 3.2 litre turbocharged V6 in the virtual world of Gran Turismo with 875hp sent to all four wheels. The car also weighs just 875 kg giving it the golden ratio of 1:1 with acceleration figure under 2 seconds. The reason for the lack of side windows remain to be explained.

As for the diecast by Majorette, it’s sitting on the high side but all the radical lines and creases were well preserved. Liked the Mercedes VGT, Majorette decide to put the hydraulic spoiler up which is an additional piece and a nice extra touch to the craziness.

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