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French Friday: Peugeot 404 Break

Another Friday, another French Dinky recreation by Atlas. This time we have a Police version of the Peugeot 404. The 404 was an instant hit for the French company. The Pininfarina design certainly helped, even if it was fairly restrained for the time of its launch in 1960.


It quickly became a bit of a world car, as it was also assembled in Argentina, Australia, Chile and a few African countries. Indeed, the last 404 rolled off the line as late as 1991 - in Kenya! And particularly the pick-up versions can still be seen in some African countries, or so I’m told.

It had a reputation for being somewhat conservative and staid, though robust and reliable. I think it’s been a while since anyone thought that about Peugeots...


As for this Atlas Dinky model, it will never be mistaken for an original. It is quite light compared to the original models. And it has - shock horror - a plastic base! But it does share a couple of nice features, like the typical steering. And then there’s the rear seat. On the photo above, the seat is in the upright position. Flick the switch on the bottom, and...


and seat goes down and reveals a large load area, just like in the real car (and tinfoil’s Safari). As the model is only held together by one screw (real Dinkys are always riveted), I couldn’t resist pulling it apart to reveal the mechanism.

Seat goes up...


Seat goes down...


And then there’s the antenna, which just looks a bit sad. So this one isn’t quire like the real deal - but hey, it’s a bit of inexpensive fun and nostalgia!

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