Well, maybe not that fantastic - but old. Today we have a vintage Norev Peugeot 404 - naturellement fabriqué en France sometime in the 1970s. Norev started making model cars in 1953 - all in 1/43 and all in plastic. They didn’t get into diecast until 1965.

But they kept many of the plastic models in production at a cheap price - and those were updated with “fast wheels” like the one you see here. And they actually roll as well as any of today’s Hot Wheels!

You didn’t get an awful lot for your pocket money. There were no opening features apart from the sun roof. There’s a bit of chrome, and most importantly period correct yellow headlights.


The bodies were not even painted, but simply made from colored plastic. So apart from the price, these models really didn’t have much going for them. Except - for years, before the internet and all that, this was the only model of Peugeot 404 I was able to find.

I have a couple more of those somewhere around here, I’m sure they will turn up as I am digging through my old stuff - but for the next few weeks, there’s some vintage Solidos on the way that recently turned up.


Until then - Bon Weekend.