French Friday: Polistil Alpine A220

Polistil is well known for their larger scale models. Small scale collectors also covet their line of 1970s 1/64 scale models - which are some of finest in the business. They will set you back anything from $ 60-$100 for an MIB example. This isn’t one of them.

Smaller, slightly cartoonish models of 1970s race cars that look more like they were made to race down a HotWheels track. But actually, they don’t run all that well. And the “super fast” type wheels are fake - there’s no metal part, the silver on the wheels is a sticker!


What we have here is yet another attempt by a manufacturer to keep up on price and cool factor with the all conquering Mattel diecast. This line of cars didn’t last all that long - they are harder to find these days, but not really expensive. I managed to acquire the whole lineup in the space of a year once I found out about them. As you probably know by know, I am always happy to give some obscure, unloved, old diecast a good home.

Because I was really short of time this week, I will cheat today and just link to the story of the A220:…

And I actually meant to show a much better 1/43 Solido model of this car, but didn’t get around to pulling it out of one of my boxes either. Another day.

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