There’s been much love for the Simca Rallye 2 here lately, and really, what’s not to love? So I won’t add more history of the actual car, that’s been well and truly covered. But let’s have a look at what this model is, or perhaps, isn’t.

This is another Atlas Dinky - and it presents a bit of a problem. Both the box and the base proudly proclaim this to be the “Prototype” of the Rally 2 - but is this really the case?

I think not. This model clearly is a pre-face lift version, with the smaller headlights and round tail lights - as made until 1968. The face lift came for the 1969 model year, and the Rallye 2 wasn’t announced until 1973.


I think what happened here is something else altogether. Dinky already had a casting of the regular Simca 1000 -

and probably was looking to make it a bit more modern and appealing to the young buyers. Much like Simca was doing with a 1:1. But it looked a bit too different from the real Rallye 2 - so they just called it the “Prototype” to account for the all too obvious differences. This is of course only speculation on my part - but back in the day, toy makers were often a bit fanciful with the truth.


Couldn’t happen today now, could it? Just imagine, say, a large toy maker calling a model a “Porsche 356A” when it is clearly a 356B...

The Abarth diorama is not entirely out of place here, as Abarth also made a faster version of the 1000. But this still my only 1/43 diorama - until the mail from France finally arrives!


Anyway, have a “Bon Weekend”!