With SimplifyThenAddLightness showing a piece from this odd yet beautiful marque from the same diecast company, lets keep the ball rollin’.

Like the Mercedes-AMG VGT I’ve shown last week, Alpine went for the same direction of mixing classic designs of past and future with their entry for the Gran Turismo’s “Project Vision Gran Turismo”. The Alpine VGT borrows cues from the company’s lustrous motorsport history like the successful A442B Le Mans winner from 1978 and the A210 from 1966.

As or the real concept, power is from a 4.5 litre V8 good for 450hp coupled to racing sequential gearbox within a car that weighs no more than 2000lbs thanks to chassis and body constructed out of carbon fiber.

My favorite feature on the Alpine VGT is the side mounted air brakes behind the rear wheels, it adds to its spacecraft look but also a way to block people from passing you.


Continue with my final acquisitions from TRU, Majorette captured the craziness of the VGT fantastically with crisp tampos all around. The suspension doesn’t have much give but the stance is pretty close to the real thing.