French Friday - What the mail man bringeth!

So the mailman got me more goodies this week. And thematically this could have been posted yesterday or today, a distinct lack of time yesterday meant today was the day!

French Friday indeed!

I’ve decided that I’ll try to get my hands on all the Majorette Racing series cars that I can find. This Citroen Xsara WRC is one such model that I’ve been lusting after.

Citroen Xsara WRC (Majorette Racing)

And then this 2011 Lotus Renault R31 F1 model! A minor letdown since it was listed as 1:43, but when I got it, I realized it was much smaller. I will post comparison photo with a 1:43 Lotus T125 that I have, but the first pic with the Xsara will give you an idea. Nevertheless I like!

2011 Lotus Renault R31 (Unknown brand)

The reason I thought this could have been posted yesterday itself is the 3rd car that showed up. This is a 1/36 scale Jaguar F-Ftype Project 7, a limited edition that Jaguar produced inspired by the a limited edition inspired by the 1956 D-type.

2016 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 (Joycity?)

The model is from a brand listed as “Joy City”, but can’t see a lot of listings for the brand, so am guessing this is surplus from RMZ City or Kinsmart, though I have not really bothered to check their catalogs.


Anyways, all three came from my to-go site for such models - AliExpress. And all three came without boxes or official packaging, but they got here just fine without any major damage.

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