I found an R30 Skyline yesterday!

(Sidenote: apparently I missed being the first to go through 4 fresh cases by about an hour, being told by the cashier that another guy came by and took “all the rare ones” out of all four cases and left. Thankfully, though, he left me some nice stuff anyway, including the R30, a recolor of the headstarter, which I didn’t even know was coming, and a new Batmobile for my son. I left behind the Datsun 620s and Fairlady Zs.)

The R30 is a great casting, and even has glass headlights, which I love! It also has a sunroof built in, but it’s closed. And because today’s weather is beautiful, it needed to be opened. In the process, it also gained some side markers and new shoes, and looks much better now!

Happy Friday, people of LaLD!