Well like just about every HW collector in the nation I too went out looking for Race Day cars. Unfortunately, in my whole county we only have two Targets and two Walmarts and I’m not will to drive more then an hour away. I came up almost empty handed, someone had taken all but 3 cars and all I wanted were the two not there, I even had an employee do a stick check, none on reorder either :( I was happy to find the new exotic 5 pack and there were quite a few 9 packs with new GT2 recolors and VW single cabs but none met my 6/9 rule. As you guys know by now I’m a sucker for Jada trucks, especially COEs. Good luck hawling this weekend!

Also got to drive this lititle time capsule around today, such a blast, I can see why it dominated it’s market in the 80s.