Right! So it’s been a while since I posted on LaLD the culprit being my job and lifestyle. But I somehow manage to take the time out of my busy schedule to work on my customs. Been experimenting a lot lately with a lotta stuff on my customs of which my latest exploits are a working suspension system.

So I recently managed to learn a few tricks or two from a fellow customizer and a good friend “Tacitrainbows” for which I am thankful to him for (do follow him on Instagram, he does insane artwork on paper as well as with 1:64 models).

Anywho I managed to build a working suspension system using cableties as leaf springs(odd I know :p). The method is loosely based on Tacitrainbow’s suspension system but with a few changes of my own which I felt work just fine. Built two vehicles with suspension, a Majorette Jeep Wrangler which is for a fellow collector and a HW Ford F150 Raptor also known as the “Sandblaster” in a 6x6 Avatar

Majorette Jeep Wrangler and Hw F150 Raptor 6x6

Added details on both models and as you must’ve noticed already, the Raptor has all its wheels flexing 😎


Also a bull bar was added to the Wrangler and the F150 gets a new light bar in the front


Lifted and rolling on proper mudders yo! ;)


And some underbody shots of the cars showing how it all works ;)

Under the Jeep:


Under the Raptor 6x6:

Check out the Raptor 6x6 in action on the LaLD instagram page, Well anyways thanks for looking guys! cheers!