I split my time between two of my company’s offices, and what do you know the San Francisco office is a very short walk from a Target and an independent Toy Store.

Oh noes. The indie store adds a fifty-cent markup on Hot Wheels. Whatever shall I do?

Patronize the bastards. That’s what I’ll do.

You guys were right. The Audi is perfect. The DeLorean is a wonderful color, but the wheels feel kind of wrong and the fascia, again, is way too bland. I can do the headlights and the grille easily enough, but there’s no getting that little DMC logo on there. Oh well.

And to top it off, a gorgeous Gulf GT40 from Matchbox. What a stunner. Of course, I didn’t know I’d find one, so I may have eBayed this little bugger:


Oh well. More Gulf. I’ll cry myself to sleep about it.