Big things with little cars

Usually my surprise postings take place on a Saturday, but as I don’t know how much free time I will have tomorrow, this one is a day early. This makes it a double surprise. I am in Canada right now, and managed to find a few things:

First, a Tomica - the F11 Fiat 131 Abarth rally, in a less common livery. I have this in the usual livery (as I recall, similar to the box). It wasn’t as cheap as my $5 hawl a couple weeks ago, but I couldn’t pass this up when I saw it in a vintage toy store.


More exciting to me is empty boxes. The Tomica Porsches are both empty boxes, and I have models for both - score. The Matchbox type C box for the 22b Cresta is also an empty one, and an uncommon one at that. It has a flaw in an end flap, but I think this one is period correct for my rare pink over aqua variant, so I went for it. If it isn’t correct, I think I have another model for it. The price was right on all of them.

I also found this at the local automobilia dealer ( - they have a ton of mostly large scale diecast, some vintage material, some reasonably priced, some a little out there) in Vancouver:

The August 1959 issue of In Aller Welt, the corporate publication of M-B, similar to Ford Times etc, a magazine published by the automaker. August 1959 was the launch of the fintail, and this notes it:


Inexpensive and historical, I couldn’t pass it up. Not bad finds.

That is all.

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