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From Dry Spell to Fertile Peg

The Target over here seems to be in a dry spell for over a month or should I say it feels more like months without much of a restock of any case.

However last Sunday was the start of my unexpected find while driving back from a long trip when I happened to stop by at a mall which has a Target store and spotted the lone Datsun pickup which I’ve been searching for a long time.


Today after work, I stopped by the Target over here to take a peak and see what they have without expecting much. Well looks like the seed that started from the other Target sprouted a bountiful of die cast harvest on the pegs over here as I’ve never had so many hawls in one afternoon including duplicates on some of my favorites. My guess is they could have just brought out a new case late afternoon instead of early morning which gave me the opportunity to find these beauties.

The exception is that the Porsche classic and the VW track stars were found in Walmart tonight. It was the only modern classics left on the peg.

Also if the Fairlady Z is a SuperTreasure then this will be my first. If not still nice looking wheels.

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