Big things with little cars

From Germany. Well China.

A few of you know that I recently got married. People came from all over the US (my best man from LA, a groomsman from Chicago, a groomswoman from Idaho). But by far the most distance anyone had to travel was my sister (also a grooms-woman) from Norway where she and my brother-in-law teach in the city of Stavanger.

Knowing about the blog, she brought some die-casts from that country for me!

She couldn't find any Norwegian brands (shocking), but grabbed these from the company "Happy People" which as far as I can determine is a German company. Unfortunately it seems they are just a brand re-selling RealToy die-casts made in China. RealToys are not known for their great quality but it does mean that these almost circumnavigated the globe to get to me! China to Norway to Portland, Oregon.


Besides the Toureg, probably the best model was this SL in a pretty sweet blue (could it be Estoril?) with both front and rear tampos:

Photobomb courtesy of a teal Civic.


Even a tiny three pointed star! Unlike the Toureg, I would actually say this is at or even above Hot Wheels or even Matchbox quality.


She also sprang for a 5 pack!


None of them are labelled, but here is my guess (from top):



Peugeot cabrio


Boxster with a hardtop (but not a Cayman)? The cast is RHD, so maybe something Japanese or British??


These feel much cheaper, but they all have opening doors!


They also have headlights made of real plastic, but I kind of wish they didn't. Not just due to the cheapness factor but the way they were haphazardly applied.


While not quite as classic as a Gulf or Martini livery, the Lotus does have a flaming tire eye.


This one certainly does make me think of the MR Spyder, but I already called the first car an MR2....

Lastly, my favorite die-cast she brought me isn't a car at all.


Unfortunately I couldn't get this guy to stand by himself...until I discovered:


Functional kickstand!

The tire and handlebars rotate and it has a Power Engine!


It was awesome to see my sister who lives so far away. And the fact she brought me these is just incredible. She is starting the long journey back tomorrow. Love you, sis!

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