Big things with little cars

From Wal-Mart; Another JL and a very unexpected Hot Wheels find.

I also have mail arrivals today but at the time of this post, the mail hasn’t arrived yet. I came back from Wal-Mart just now. I went to get another JL, which I picked up, but, look at which Hot Wheels casting I found as well!

So, I now have a Hot Wheels R32, Hot Wheels R34, and eventually, a Kyosho GT-R R35, whenever that arrives. I....actually kinda want to see an R33 from someone in 1/64 now, so I can complete the family, even though anything Skyline from Hot Wheels is about as easy to find as a Shiny Pokemon in those games. This R34 was the only one on the pegs, so I’m really glad I found it. Oh yeah, that JL Chevelle is a beauty! Pictures of both, and what I got incoming via mail, will come eventually!

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