Big things with little cars

Michael Bay's favorite Japanese show (not really).

(From Wikipiedia)

Seibu Keisatsu (西部警察 Western Police) is a television drama series produced by Ishihara Promotions (石原プロモーション ishihara puromōshon) and broadcast on TV Asahi.

The series portrays the Western Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Division’s Sergeant Keisuke Daimon, played by Tetsuya Watari and his subordinates, dubbed the Daimon Force (大門軍団 Daimon Gundan), and their superior, Section Chief Kogure, played by Yujiro Ishihara, as they fight against Tokyo’s underworld.

With its flashy, over-the-top explosion scenes, and car stunts, this series gained a reputation as a macho drama. It is representative of the police & detective dramas of the 1980s.

During the 5-year course of the show, a total of 236 episodes were filmed, with roughly 4,680 vehicles of all types being destroyed during the course of filming, 4.8 tons of explosives being used as well as close to 320 buildings destroyed. Surprisingly, no deaths were recorded, though there were six injured staff and crew members. The average viewer rating was at 14.5% in the Kanto Area.


This casting was released early last year and I think it still can be had for or less than retail. Pictures speak louder than words with this casting.


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