Big things with little cars


I went to every store I could get to today, looking for that Fugu Z. I know they are hard to find...all those auctions on the bay selling a dozen or more told me so...
Returned empty handed.

Well, empty of any Custom Datsun 240 Zs.
Got a couple of cars for parts, and took some photos.


Hitch & Tow series at TRU. There was at least two of everything.
Nice GM flatbed trailer!

Now, however, there’s only one pop up camper set. The Ford PU will be trade bait if I end up keeping this set for the camper.


Still at TRU, there must have been three of each in the Red, White, and Blue tires Shelby Collectibles pegs. As far as I know they’re all still there. They were just a tad pricey to get any just for white tires,I can’t imagine what I would use the red or blue ones on. To each, his own.


Shop Rite, Kmart, TRU, Walmart x2, Stop & Shop, Walgreens, all sans Fugu. Where is everyone else finding them?

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