Turning the DeLorean into the Turismo. In 2015(the last year it’s been released as of this post) issued the 81 DeLorean in very iconic colors as it looked in 1981 as the Turismo. Something just didn’t look right with the smoky window so I fixed it

Using another DeLorean’s blue tinted windows keeping the back hatch off and giving it re-issued black walls I made it look much more like it’s 1981 counterpart.


I still need to make a black interior one at some point just gotta find my stash of DeLoreans lol

One thing I wish they had done was put the roof stripes on the basic one like they did with the super to really make it look it did in 81


The Turismo was going to be the DeLorean concept model but all Hot Wheels/Mattel had was an verbal agreement from John DeLorean but Zee Toys had the contract to produce the DeLorean and wouldn’t allow Mattel to make it.