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Full Circle - Hollywood Graham

Hello Lald, thanks for having me! I have truly enjoyed reading all of the great posts here!!!

I have been collecting diecast cars off and on since the mid-90's. I pretty much collected Hot Wheels exclusively for most of my time in the hobby. Over the past year or so, my collection has expanded by both brands and scales and my collection has never been better as a result! I am having a blast with the hobby now that I have expanded my view.

My appreciation for cars came from my dad. He always had an eye for design and he shared that appreciation with me from a very young age. Unfortunately, he passed before I could really learn from him but I like to think my good taste in automobiles came from him.


My earliest memories of cars include sitting is this HUGE blue car that just happened to (literally) have my name all over it. A 1941 Supercharged Graham Hollywood. Here I am...

And here is a better shot of the car a few years later...


Imagine my surprise when I came across this 1:43 version which is almost an exact replica (but a year older). Needless to say, I was floored! The quality of the casting is not all that great but I love that it even exists!


If you are thinking that the Hollwood strikes a resemblance to another beautiful car from this era, you are correct as the Hollywood (and the Hupp Skylark) were built using the Cord tools. There is a lot more to that story but too much to go into now. My dream is to have a 1:1 Hollywood in my life again one day but this version will have to do for now.


Thanks again for having me Lald. I look forward to learning more from you all and sharing more of my collection with you!

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