Just got back from vacation and the first funny thing is I felt I needed another vacation from my vacation due to jet lag.

2nd funny thing is I seek but never found a shop selling die cast over there so it was a disappointment.

If you’re curious about the location, stay tune on my next travelogue.

3rd funny thing is after returning, my internet wasn’t working properly so it took me till today to be able to post a blog.

4th funny thing is... did I already said that I never found any die cast while on vacation? I guess I did so some of you may wonder how did I end up with these cars then? OK the funny thing is I set my sight to hunt the latest Datsuns and Mercedes from Mattel once I’m back and while it did not bear much fruit, I ended up discovering and picking some other goodies which I did not know even exist like the Hot Wheels new Star Wars series with the 60's Ford Econoline pickup, Mad Chevy Nova Panel and the unexpected Chevy Corvair from RC.


However my hunt for the models I seek was not totally in vain.

After several trips to Walmart and Target, I finally found the Datsun Junior and Mercedes in one of the Walmarts. However the Datsun pickup did have a bent card and was the only one available but I was still happy to have found it.


Funny isn’t it?