There are a ton of cars from the franchise that we all love. And some, not so much. I take a ton of crap for this, but a few of my favorites from the entire franchise are the ‘94 Civic coupe’s from the first movie. I was in third grade in 2001, my older sister took me to blockbuster to rent the movie on VHS. So later that night we popped the movie in and started watching. Not knowing it at the time, my life would change forever. I saw those black Civics fly out of nowhere, green street glow illuminating off of the surface. The sounds of the little screaming D16's were brainwashing to the young me. Then it happened, the one went underneath the truck. It blew my third grade mind! As a kid who was already obsessed with cars for years before that point, that was something I didn’t think was possible.

So here we go! It’s the 2001 Revell 1/25th scale diecast of the ‘94. I actually found this on the bay like a year ago for a pretty fair price. This was something I couldn’t pass up.

No it’s not the most detailed casting, but I couldn’t care less. Complete with the 2001 wide mouth Wings West body kit and wing. This thing is pretty movie accurate.


Here sits a mildly detailed D16z6 ...because if you remember, those spoon engine’s were for Hector.

Here my inner third grader came out, I had the perpetual urge to go to Dollar Tree and pick up some tiny glow sticks. You can still kinda see them, but I know you guys know this isn’t Streetglow anyway haha!


The rear of the casting is really cool in my eyes. Between the accurate plates and the taillights, this old girl has some flavor.


No its not the most detailed model, but it is one of my favorites. This was from a time when things were more simple, and we didn’t take every little thing under the sun seriously. We use to be able to enjoy stuff like this. So with that being said, I absolutely love this car.

Thank you all for the read!

90's Casualty