Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

First: Thank you Pywackett-Barchetta for your donation to my sons car club! If you would like to donate some cars like Pywackett, let me know and the club will pay for shipping, maybe even pay for a couple of cars too for your trouble .See this link for more info:

Question: My sons car club is not only collecting cars to donate to our local children’s hospital but is also collecting money to buy cars to donate. The President had an idea of using that money to buy cases of Hot Wheels, hoping that there might be a Super treasure hunt inside, thus we would sell that car on ebay or (here)to raise more money to buy more cases. Not knowing the Super $ to case ratio, is this a good idea? Coming from a 4th grader I though it was a fine idea: We would not lose any money as long as we weren’t overpaying for the cases. I think it would also be fun having the members open up the cases. Again, in the end everything would be going to the STL Children’s Hospital.


Most of you seem to be the “hitting the pegs” type of collectors, but does anybody know where we can get the cheapest cases of HW’s? Thanks, have a bleesed day.

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