Big things with little cars


In the Venn Diagram that covers the folks who post on LaLD, I’m sure there’s a sweet spot between the categories of “collector”, “gamer” and “customizer”, and I was thinking of those folks while reading the rulebook for Gaslands this week, a tabletop car-combat game from Osprey Wargames that is built around using Hot Wheels/Matchbox die casts as a core component...

It’s a cool system that used a handful of dice and a few templates to create a world of vehicular mayhem - and it’s been interesting for me to see a bunch of my gamer pals suddenly diving into the die cast aisle at the toy store!


There’s a lot of conversion/custom design stuff going on with this game, so if that’s your thing, this might be right up your death race...


Learn more about the game here.

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