Big things with little cars

Giveaway Time!

To add a little diecast fun to the upcoming babyplasticprints gender reveal party I decided to host another giveaway.

So for this giveaway break out your best blue or pink casting. You can only submit 1 entry for this giveaway so pick a color. The cutoff for the contest will be this Sunday 6/10 at 10am LaLd time.


To add a little twist to the contest those who choose the wrong color will be eliminated. So if we end up with blue confetti the blue cars will advance and vise versa. The winner will then be awarded based on number of stars. This is open to all of LaLd. I will cover $5 shipping to the winner. Posts must be tagged “Pink Or Blue Giveaway” to be eligible.

This hitch and tow greenie will go to the winner.

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