Shoutout to Frosted for this glorious beast of a car! This model was not on my radar by any means. Traditionally speaking, i’m not a fan of ‘entry-level’ AMGs such as this or the God awful CLA45 AMG. However, seeing a prime opportunity to obtain one from Frosted himself, I took the leap.

The model was let just say, not in the best shape after shipping (I blame GT Spirit for their quality/USPS for their reckless behaviors) However, with a little glue, the spoiler, mirror, rear intake and front splitters came back together! I used a bit of clear coat wax and plastic restorer to bring this model back to its glory days.


After a good hour of cleaning, glad to say the car has grown on me!

The CLA45 AMG however... will definitely not. Can’t stand the look of that thing.