It’s be a while since I added a serious 1:18 to the fleet. Truth be told, the 1970 Chevy Nova from Beverly Hills Cop is one of my most favorite movie rides from one an equally favorite film. It’s a beat up trainwreck of a hero-car that suits the main character perfectly. While, the GMP version reviewed here is waaaaaaay prettier than the car in the film (seriously? no dirt?) I’ll give them credit for meeting us halfway with a great example of the pedestrian Nova in basic blue with a white top. Some elements of the car are tip-top, while others are not so much...

O.k. before you go any further. Do not look at the pictures. Do not read. Turn up your audio and play this song:

Ahhh. Now that you have the appropriate soundtrack going <3 we can continue. For those of you not familiar with the film (shame on you btw) Beverly Hills Cop was THE RAGE back in 1984. It was the United States top grossing film of the year at 234 million dollars in ticket sales. Comedian Eddie Murphy was catapulted/trebuchet’d into international stardom. Teenagers all across the globe were playing Axel F on their Casio Keyboards. It was an epic time for sure.

Nestled in the background of this fine film is the unlikeliest of hero-cars. A battered and bruised, yet loyal, 1970 Chevy Nova. Dented, dirty, and groaning through every inch of movement, this heap helped Foley chase the bad guys and be a badass Detroit Cop. Yeah, I’m a huge fan. McQueen’s mustang has nothing on this.

The best part of this car is the flawless paint job. It’s just an absolute sight to behold. Part of me is sad this car is not dirty and wrecked. But, the other part of me is glad I can admire this car as if it rolled off the factory floor. Just stunning.


Great tampos and license plate (from Michigan). Overall looks sharp and accurate. Though the tampo-based corner marker lights are a huge letdown. Probably the worst part of this model.
This car is almost entirely metal and is super heavy. Proportions are spot-on and look fantastic at every angle.
Simple interior is simple. Doesn’t need to be much. It’s tough to admire since there’s no opening doors or trunk. :(


Wheels and Tires look great. Excellent scale accuracy.
The places where GMP used plastic are apparent. But some places it’s hard to tell. Great mix.
Engine bay is not AutoArt level beautiful. But it serves the purpose. A little more detail would have taken this a long way.


Overall, I am happy with having this in my collection. I’ve wanted it for a very long time. Overall, I would say it’s a decent GMP product. But, I know they can do better. The fender light tampos are awful and the engine bay lacks a lot of detail. But the paintjob is flawless and the proportions overall are just perfect. I would give this about a 7 our of 10. If GMP had taken a few extra steps this easily could have been a 10/10.

Thanks for looking! What is your favorite film car of all time?