I know, I know: I haven’t been around lately. It’s really ME who has missed out (on all your posts). Work is taking up a ton of time, HOWever, I just got what I thought was a cool idea and this is just a preview.

I’ll be doing a lot of traveling, soon, and I don’t want to open any of the diecast haul that I’m amassing, so I thought I’d pick the Porsche 934.5 and take shots around the country and call it #mydiecastlifetour on Instagram. Funny, no?:)

It’s going to take me the next several months, but I intend to post everything here when all is said and done. Maybe it’ll make for a nice post! Maybe you’ll be tired of this Porsche. Who knows, maybe you already are. I hope not! So, here are a few shots just to preview. I hope you enjoy!

I had to take it to the track on the first day to get it all sorted, wouldn’t you know it? I already hit a pebble at 190mph. It’s ok, character:)
Those Palm Beach homes have autor the lengthy driveways!
A break in the clouds during some seriously rainy weather. Gotta hurry so I can take some shots!


Sometimes it’s good to stop and smell the seaweed.
Haulover Marina for a yacht party.
Miami, South Beach. You can see the docks and downtown way behind me. I’ll be back when the weather is better, so I can catch some nicer shots.