Technically leaving home.

The time has come for me to face reality and leave my childhood home and go back to suffering Colorado. But before catching my flight tomorrow, I was determined to go hunting one last time to mark a great end to my vacation. Kyoshos, special Tomica and a Majorette that is officially my favorite casting from this brand in history.

If I have to do a Top 10 list for all my HAWLs from Dec 2017 to Jan 2018. Out of all my acquisitions from this period ranging from regular Tomicas to high end Kyoshos. The No 1 for me is none other than a humble taxi.


This cast means the most to me, the Taiwan taxi has become a symbol for Taiwan similar to how the yellow cabs represent NYC and I can never forget my roots.


Thank you for all the great memories you created for me this past month Taiwan, I’ll miss you dearly. Til the next time we meet.