I think I’m getting a collection of campers without even realizing it.

There’s just something about campers that makes me like them.

Just looking at this Fleetwood Bounder makes me itch even more for the 2016 Fleetwood Bounder.

This is my latest recent splurge. A whopping $10...(sarcasm). I love the bright colors and the weighty Shasta Airflyte trailer.


Probably my favorite out of the bunch. Great detail, weight, price (about $4 but only available in a $12 set), and just look at it! All is proper with this truck, especially the color combo of dark blue and beige.


The newest of the bunch, a M2 Ford Econoline from navyeagleeye86! Lovely model with a fantastic interior that I didn’t get a picture of. Sadly the rear driver’s side corner of the bumper broke off in Transit (Van).

See what I did there?

All it needs is a little super glue and it will be fixed.


This VW came from the same set the blue Dodge came in. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes campers or camping.

I don’t know if this one counts, but if my memory serves me right this van was slept in, in the movie The Field of Dreams.


Obviously GL likes their campers, as all but one of these is GL.