Had a really good day at work. The highlight of the day was when one of my coworker's young kid came in to visit his dad. The young man had some stickers he was giving out so the one he gave me I put on my cup that I keep full of water on my desk. Once the young man saw the cars on my desk he was spellbound. I really wanted to give him one but I couldn't part with either of the Citations or the Typhoon. I did have the Brazilian Charger in my pocket but couldn't part with it either. Once I got home I decided to go through my stuff and pull a few to send home tomorrow for the young man.

I have two of these rubbermaid containers full of smaller scale cars in the original packaging.

Here is when I got to the bottom with all the main lines.

I forgot I had these Sy/Ty's.


Just laying out cars to see what I actually have

Here are a few more of the pile that was created


This is what I have gathered up to go out I know he will like them.


Oh and a bonus picture of the Buddy dog that was helping with this whole production