Big things with little cars

Good Job Matchbox. You deserve a biscuit.

I wanted some nice off road wheels for customization wheel-swap projects. Naturally, I would poke around the Mbx pegs because they have some of the best wheels available. Imagine my delight when I found a couple of these 6x6 ATV vehicles at the local Dollar General. Even though I am going to dissect this cool vehicle, I have to pay respect where it is due. This is an awesome cast. This would be so much fun to play with as a little kid. The paintjob is a bit lackluster in the back. But, who cares. The play-ability fun factor is cranked up to 11 with this sucker! It’s a pretty exciting time with Matchbox right now. It seems they really are digging deep to make cool / fun cars instead of recasting the same ambulances and police cars year after year (no offense to Ambulance fans out there...)

Good work Matchbox. I bet you are getting tons of new young fans again.


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