Big things with little cars

Good Lord in Heaven

Welcome, once again, to Japanese Tomica Twitter, where I just saw the most amazing thing yet.


Yup, it’s the newer GT500 R35 GT-R in the livery I want the most: good-ol’ Calsonic. And of course you can only get it in Nissan’s online store, which means I’ll never get it ever. Also it’s evident that the plastic is bending in an awful way.

Look, allI wish is a TRU-exclusive version of that and I’ll be satisfied.


There’s also an immense amount of intel that I’ve yet to report, like upcoming Supers from Hot Wheels (all of which are shaping up to be brilliant picks), Car Culture’s Team Transport sets, among other lines besides. We’re seeing so much cool stuff, which means October is coming soon.


I leave you with these two. And please leave me with these two. Put them at my desk there. I beg.

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