Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Good News!

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I got a new camera! Er, actually phone! I’m leasing a iPhone 6 from Sprint for the next two years, hooray! But the phone hasn’t activated yet, so boo! [this pic is old, from April, I just had it lying around in a old draft...].


And I’m keeping my old iPhone 4s still works. It just can’t take pretty pictures, it gets too touchy when left on for weeks at a time, and I have only one working speaker, but it still works. Curiously enough, the 3G still works as well. Unlike my old iPod Touch, which could only use wifi, i can just bring the 4s with me and surf the web via 3G, which is pretty nice I think, :). So it can do everything a phone can, except make calls.

Anyways, one I figured out the activation thing (my moms taking it in for me, I love visiting family), Ztp will then have nice clean, crisp pictures of his hawls and diecast you can drool over. :D

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