Hit up the Goodwill just now, again in hopes of picking up some records…and also to see if any more diecast popped up since my last visit.

Sadly, just bought a silver vehicross recently for a swap project...


And boy howdy, there was….three plastic storage bins full, mostly 2000-2004 HW mainlines, and a smattering of premium stuff. I grabbed most of the mainlines that interested me (although I have a LOT of mainlines from that era, had the majority of what was there, so I mostly grabbed stuff for future swaps), and some premiums to keep, and some to harvest for wheels….but I’d say I did pretty well!

Have the 100%s already, those will probably be donors. Dat RLC Vette tho....

The Veyron is of course one of the bigger scores, the RLC Vette is a highlight, and the purple bluecard bug is interesting (seems price varies a bit depending on “full bluecard” vs “partial bluecard”, this is a full) There are a few others in the group that surprised me value wise. There are a few more that didnt make the photos, but those will be donors as well.


Best part? 30 bucks for everything. The cashier dude pretty much gave up half way through ringing me up and didn’t charge me for the 5 packs..(or maybe just charged me a dollar instead of 5) or the one record I picked up (which also ended up being a somewhat valuable score, considering it was free).

I’m pretty happy….I still wonder whose these all belonged to, I feel bad that someones collection just got donated unceremoniously but….