I’ve read numerous stories about folks here finding good stuff at thrift stores…but it never really happened to me until recently. I’ve been hitting up goodwills and such a lot lately, searching for vinyl records (my current obsession) and I am starting to find diecasts…maybe just because I’m frequenting them more. Regardless, the Goodwill by my office seems to have been donated someones collection, and been doling them out in chunks over the last couple of weeks. Today I found these:

I do have most of the mainlines, but a FE skyline is hard to pass up! I missed out on some more of the Garage series, Ferraris from what I could tell, by moments by another collector who was on line in front of me. The real surprises however are below…RLC Club cars!


not sure why one is 99 cents and the other 1.99, but i’m not complaining either way...

There was also a number of Johnny Lightnings, and some other premium series stuff, but nothing that interested me. Overall, pretty happy with this (spent 13 bucks on everything)…wish I had found more than 1 record that I wanted though!