Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Screwed around in the Sumter Walmart while visiting parents for Thanksgiving break, ended up scoring big. Snoopy, Meyers Manx anniversary edition, and a SUPER TREASURE HUNT KOOL KOMBI! I wasn't expecting to find one this late on the shelves during the 60-cent HW sale! I first noticed the regular green Kombi and thought "what the hell, let's see if I can find a S-TH." and boom, back of the rack, there it is! I passed over a regular TH Chicane in chrome because I don't care much for regular THs now. Anyway, this marks the only other time I've been able to come across a S-TH in the wild, the first being a 2010-release Shelby Daytona coupe.


Heads up, I will straight-up trade my Kool Kombi for a Super Treasure Hunt '76 Greenwood Corvette if anyone's able to let go of theirs.

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