Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Got this today.

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Some of these Mattel F&F models aren’t too off scale from a 1/64ish model, as I’ve found that with the three I had prior to getting this one.


EDIT: My findings for scale when compared to 1:64ish models.

CCXR seems to be the biggest when compared to 1:64ish scale models, as it dwarfs the HW Agera. Still, Koenigseggs are not common in small scale.


F Bomb Camaro might also be the biggest as well. Again, it’s another car you can’t find anywhere else in small scale.

Rally Fighter seems just about right for an off road vehicle.

The Victoria seems to be a little wider than my RC Mint Edsel, but, it could certainly pass as it’s a big 50s American sedan.


1970 Charger is bigger than my GL ‘68, but, about the same width as my GL ‘71, but a little longer.

‘70 Roadrunner is wider than my RC Mint ‘69 Roadrunner

Corvette is one I haven’t compared yet.

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