In 1982 Hot Wheels released a second set of Steering Rigs. Six new boxed tractor trailer rigs using three new cab castings, Ford LTL, Mack, and White, along with three new trailers, cattle trailer, moving van trailer, and grain hauler. Again these rigs can be steered by the wheel on the rear of the trailer.

Ford LTL Mayflower Moving Van.

Ford LTL Western Cattle Trailer.

White Arrow Cattle Trailer.


White American Feed and Grain Hauler.

Mack Sunset Citrus Co. Hauler.


Mack Allied Moving Van.

These cabs were also released separately on blister cards each coming with a sticker sheet.


White cab with stickers applied.

The Steering Rigs line must not have been very popular at the time, many rigs were left sitting in stores and sold at discount prices. Not sure but it seems the โ€˜82 set had a lower production run, they are much harder to find and values are near double compared to the โ€˜81 set.

The Steering Rigs line also included two Truck Stops play sets, a Sand and Gravel and a Oil Refinery, each set came with a trailer rig included. Along with two exclusive 2-Pak sets, one from Sears and one from Montgomery Wards.