Hot Wheels released a set of 6 tractor trailer rigs in 1981, called Steering Rigs. Using three cab castings, Peterbilt, GMC, and a stub nose Kenworth, and three different style trailers, tanker, grain hauler, and box trailer. These are very cool rigs because they actually steer. By simply turning the wheel on the back of the trailer, the cab will turn that direction.

Peterbilt Shell Tanker.

Peterbilt Bob’s Sand and Gravel Hauler.

GMC United Feed and Grain Hauler.


GMC Eagle Van (box trailer) blue door variation.

Kenworth Hot Wheels Racing Van (box trailer) grey door variation.


Kenworth Arco Tanker.

These rigs came boxed with trailers, but the cabs were also sold separately without trailers on a blister card. The blister card cabs came with a sticker sheet.


GMC Silver cab with stickers applied.

The popularity of these rigs have exploded over the last few years, with prices continuing to rise.