I bought myself... I mean my wife bought me an early birthday present...

It’s a Ricko 1:18 RS200!! I’ve been wanting this one for a looooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg time. This one happened to pop up on my eBay feed a few days ago. It was part of an estate sale and was listed for $70 or best offer. I shot them a $50 offer right away, just to see what they’d come back at, and to my surprise they accepted!! This is the first RS200 like this I’ve seen A) under $100 and B) In the United States.

It’s a little play worn actually but still in really good shape. There was no box, which I think was why they were quick to sell it. The details are great, there’s even carpet! Stay tuned for a full on review when I get the chance to take some decent pics!


Ps. Mr. Postman, I hope all of your packages get delivered to you in this condition. It was soaked all the way through and had blown off my front step. At least wrap it in plastic. Don't tell me you didn't know what the weather was going to be like today. Props to the seller estate-sale-warehouse for packing it up so well.